Treehog THCKIT8 Pro Climbing Kit

£810.00 +VAT

A full set of professional arborist gear for tree climbers. Includes spike, harness, flip line, and other accessories stored in a heavy-duty Orange kit bag.

The THCKIT8 comprises of:

- TH5000 Tree climbing harness

- TH1003 climbing spur

- TH1171 3m wire core flip line

- TH1181 100cm cambium saver

- TH1112 bungee strop

- TH1113 tool strop

- TH1153 eye to eye sling 80cm

- THPUL1 Fixed Cheek Pulley

- THK002 karabiner, x 2

- THK006 karabiner x 2

- TH4000 rope bag 70 litre

- THCR3 climbing rope

- TH1198 throw line 50m

- THFA01 first aid kit

- THRG1 Rope Grab With Bolt Cam

- TH1195 Throw Bag

- TH1160 Cut Away Strop



- SS0060 60x40cm warning sign, Tree Surgery

- TH4002 70 Litre Kitbag

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