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HIRE Professional Cable layer

1 Day £85
2 Days £98
3 Days £125
1 Week £160

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HIRE Professional Cable layer

  • Product information:This Wire Layer uses a turning drill bit to cut a groove in the ground. The wire feeds into the groove. Less time is required for the grass to recover since the cut in the ground is very small.

    The NT60 wire burier is the most manoeuvrable wire layer, enough to enable 180 degree U-turns without stopping the engine. It can be used for invisible pet fence wire, low voltage lighting wire and other thin/small wire applications around landscaping and flowerbeds.

    Features and benefits:

    * Self-propelled
    * Drill design leaves smaller impact than conventional machines - fast grass healing
    * Pivoting cutting head allows for tight, smooth turns, especially 90 degree turns required by robotic lawn mowers
    * Weight (dry): 49kg
    * Width of Wheelbase: Adjustable - 25, 27, 29 & 31cm.
    * Max Cable Diameter: 3.4mm
    * Max Cable Laying Capacity: 36 metres per minute / 2160 metres per hour

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