Hayter Harrier 56 Pro ( 579A ) Petrol Rear Roller Mower Autodrive

£1,325.00 +VAT

The latest model of Hayter Harrier 56 Petrol variable speed lawnmower is equipped with the broadest rear roller among its competitors, allowing for an impressive 53cm stripe pattern and a 56cm cutting width. This enables operators to accomplish the traditional British striped look while also enhancing efficiency by trimming larger gardens in less time. It is an excellent option for individuals working in the landscaping industry.

Product information:
The Harrier 56 Pro lawn mower boasts a diverse range of features, such as the innovative Crank-Safe Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) system, a newly designed cast aluminium cutter deck, and an upgraded Briggs and Stratton 850EX I/C engine for professional grade performance. In addition, the Harrier 56 Pro incorporates various sought-after features inspired by the Harrier 41 Pro model. This mower has been meticulously crafted to endure the demands of commercial mowing and produces that iconic, pristine British lawn appearance on any turf.

Features and benefits:
Warranty: Commercial 2 years
Machine weight: 59kg

  • Seven height-of-cut settings: This means that the lawn mower has seven different options for cutting height, ranging from 13mm to 60mm. The height can be adjusted quickly and easily using a lever that is balanced to make it easy to move. This allows for efficient and accurate cutting of grass at different desired grass lengths.
  • High-performance cut and collection system: designed using aerospace technology to ensure class-leading performance in a multitude of environments and seasons.
  • Crank-Safe BBC system: our patented system gives the operator the ease of use that comes with a Blade Brake Clutch system, as well as the reassurance of a lifetime warranty against the engine crankshaft bending
  • Cast aluminium cutter deck, a ground-up development retaining the classic Hayter aesthetics
  • Fixed speed: auto-drive system provides optimum productivity.
  • Two-piece rear roller design: The two-piece rear roller design of this equipment allows for excellent manoeuvrability on any surface, ensuring no turf marking even on delicate lawns. What sets this design apart is the all-new differential system that provides an added layer of precision and control. With this differential system, the rear roller moves independently from each other, which allows for more accurate handling around corners and uneven surfaces. The new design also ensures that the roller does not leave marks or damage the lawn, making it perfect for any lawn care job. Whether you are mowing large properties or small gardens, the two-piece rear roller design with its all-new differential system makes this equipment the ideal choice for anyone who values high-quality results and an efficient and user-friendly design.
  • Superior traction on damp or undulating terrain achieved with our ribbed rear-roller design.
  • Easy-Wash a convenient and easy way to clean the cutting chamber, ensuring optimum performance without needing to turn the mower onto its side.
  • READYSTART® technology. This intelligent automatic choke system recognises the temperature of the engine and primes the starting process accordingly.
  • Incorporation of a Trim Side allows you to cut right to the edge – ideal for around borders, raised flower beds and retaining walls.
  • Commercial grade 8” front wheels with rubber tyres ride over undulating terrain with ease
  • Additional handle-bar supports on the cutter deck increase rigidity and strength
  • Front bumper provides added protection for the deck and wheels
  • The large capacity 80L grassbag is easy to remove and empty the grass bag. Can be stood on-end when full This feature allows for effortless removal and disposal of grass clippings without the need for constant emptying. Additionally, the ability to stand the grassbag on-end when full prevents any spillage or mess. This makes lawn mowing much more efficient and convenient, allowing for uninterrupted work without interruption. Overall, the large capacity and easy-to-manage design of the grassbag make it an excellent choice for those with large lawns or frequent mowing needs.
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