Brown rock salt/grit pallet

£280.00 +VAT

Product information:

Brown Rock salt

  • Ideal for general use on roads, pavements and car parks
  • Effective at clearing snow and ice, and improving traction for both vehicles or foot traffic
  • Contains a small amount of anti-caking additive which maintains spreading properties after prolonged storage.
  • Delivered on a Pallet of 50 x 25Kg Bags

Brown rock salt • Contains a small quantity of anti-caking additive to maintain spreading properties after prolonged storage. • Meets BS 3247. • Not as pure as white salt and therefore not as clean to use. Make light work of heavy snow this winter with a helping hand from Groundserv. Use our brown rock salt to quickly melt lingering snow and ice, making the areas surrounding your business premises safe for you and your employees. It may not be as clean to use as white salt, but brown rock salt contains anti-caking additive which enables it to be stored for long periods without losing any of its spreading properties

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